Conferència "The Kantian Turn in the study of language" de Txuss Martín

Realitzada per Txuss Martín (Dept. of Philosophy, Durham University)

Laboratori de Filologia Catalana de l'Edifici Ramon Llull, el 28 d'abril de 12 a 13:15h.


A continuació teniu un breu resum de la conferència en anglès:

In this talk, we present a Kantian turn in the study of language centered on the notion of transcendental subject as a condition of possibility of our species-specific mind. Kant argued that experience is necessarily that of a subject, who thus always comprehends the world from a particular perspective. We argue that grammar is similarly perspectival, by systematically relating person/space, time and modality of what is said to the speech act's context 'fixed' by the transcendental subject, which we also show to be different from the conscious 1P perspective, which is what Kant called the empirical subject. We argue that this system may not only be crucial to the way we communicate our thoughts to others, but also plays an important role in how the human specific cognition uniquely relate to (perceive, categorize, know) the world, namely by the implementation of grammar as a deictic function that establishes the subject plus the Kantian conditions of the possibility of experience (time and space) as the center of coordinates upon which we humans tackle the world in general.

Deixis is the keystone of the whole grammatical system and cognition more generally, for it not only is the result of the subject's perspective and its conditions of possibility, but it also allows the units of thought that make cognition possible in the first place, namely the grammatical formal ontological categories of objects, events, and propositions. We argue that the emergence of the transcendental subject occurs as a triangulation that creates the conditions of possibility for the deictic frame through which we refer intentionally, opening the way to both the system of extended deixis we call grammar, and the theory of mind upon which the conscious self is associated with it. 

Data de l'esdeveniment: 28/04/2017

Data de publicació: Wed Apr 26 12:34:00 CEST 2017