"From Lab to Classroom: Research in Auditory-Visual Speech Perception and L2"

Prof. Dogu Erdener. Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Aula de grados (CEP)

15.00 – 17.00

Speech perception is not just an auditory but an auditory-visual process. That is, we process lip and face movements during speech, if they are available, as demonstrated by research in the past four decades, e.g., the McGurk Effect – an illusory experience in which conflicting auditory and visual speech information result in a physically non-existent percept. There are three goals of this presentation. First, we will attempt to present the current state of cross-language studies in auditory-visual speech perception in an applied sense; second, how studies in auditory-visual speech perception are relevant to both second language (L2) research and instruction; and third, how the knowledge from this research is / can be applied to grammatically and phonotactically distinct languages such as English and Turkish – the latter of which is in need of more research than presently available.


Contacto profesora Lucrecia Rallo (lucrecia.rallo@uib.es)

Data de l'esdeveniment: 07/11/2017

Data de publicació: Tue Nov 07 08:02:00 CET 2017