Exposició: "Cultures americanes i globalització: representació, diferència i indiferència"

Exposició del I Concurs Interuniversitari de Pòsters "American Cultures and Globalization: Representation, difference and indifference"

Vestíbul de l'edifici Ramon Llull (Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres, Campus UIB).

Del 27 al 31 de gener.

The University of the Balearic Islands and the University of Oviedo are hosting the I Inter-University Poster Competition for English Studies. The goal of this competition is to introduce undergraduate students to American culture and Cultural Studies by sharing their research with other Spanish students and a wider audience.

UIB and Uniovi students (English Studies) are invited to enter the competition and are encouraged to present a comprehensive poster on any aspect of American culture(s) on completed research.

This is a unique opportunity to engage in an innovative cooperation project among "English studies" and their students. Prizes will be awarded to the best posters.


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Data de l'esdeveniment: 27/01/2020

Data de publicació: 14/01/2020